This years madden was supposed to correct

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Stretch, the corners, and X factors will be fixed. They fix the meta every year. But a brand new one is going to form that ignites us the same. Also take the abilities that correct AI. They threw in a bunch of'abilities' which Mut 20 coins are really just things every participant should do. Take out that and resolve the pursuit angles too. If you dont click, the AI will choose to run contrary to the ballcarrier instead of just taking the angle and making the tackle.

I agree I some of my gamers with 99 pursuit just circle the opponent like a shark instead of actually tackling anyone. I do not even think they added the abilities to fix problems. My guess is so players had reason to buy skills they made things. Yeah exactly what I mean. Linebackers used to have the ability to jump or put up their hands a foot above their head. The list goes on, I could do this all day. You mean you believe that your receivers should have the ability after grabbing the ball to turn? Madness. Totally agree with you. In fact I think that the MUT community does.

I think given all of the different things that the line has to be able to manage they do a reasonable job of blocking. There are definitely screw ups, but the millions of user adjustments to plays may impact obstructing. Clint did an interview last week where he talked about how they changed the AI blocking in Madden nfl, and earlier that I didn't understand how much work they'd already put into it or just how much was happening.

They should tune down pass the speed of insta-sheds and rush abilities. I am fine with abilities making someone a fantastic pass rusher, but it shouldn't be outside of 7 passes on my own opening drive you will find insta-sheds on 5 plays. If you believe a tackle standing there and seeing a Defensive lineman go right by there face without moving or getting from the posture is reasonable.The problem with some of the ideas is EA has made defenders react faster to the pass previously but they don't know how to do it properly. They had a problem with LBs being able to lurk balls 15 yards from where the ball was supposed to be thrown.

This years madden was supposed to correct those problems but cheap Madden 20 coins rather they created an even bigger problem entirely where LBs didn't react at all and corners would sit in zones awkwardly rather than playing the receivers that went to their area of the field. My point is, EA can't code to defend the pass game for shit and they probably decided it had been easier for them to simply buff the jog so that the more players can score without feeling overly stressed. It's likely not going off with new players they have brought in this year's amount although I hate the run meta.