I think consistency for this across platforms

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So apparently this is an Apple limitation placed on iPhones. Apps running in the background are in a suspended state, as opposed to running in the foreground. Nonetheless, this is something that can still be shifted on a developer end. I really don't know if OSRS gold is the exact same for android, but it's fairly frustrating to be enjoying RS mobile on iOS, and getting lobbied after 20 minutes of having it available in the background. Sometimes I have to minimize to react to some text or 2, and sometimes I am viewing youtube, or browsing reddit (just like on my desktop!)

I think consistency for this across platforms is a reasonable thing to anticipate. If the reason for doing so is to keep people from afking, then why can I minimize RS on my desktop computer and have that available for 5 minutes without being lobbied? The sole distinction is that the device, however, the principle is the same. I feel like some people would only encourage to RDP to their desktop.

It is more of a device limitation, telephones tend to place any program not actively being used to a"standby" condition, which vastly restricts what system tools the app can get, while keeping the program in RAM does make it immediately reaccessible. Using a game this results in a lobby. You might look at taking a look at battery optimization settings if there's a way to keep the app from entering"standby".

If desktop app data is turned on when switching apps mine remains open on android. That might assist on iOS, but other then that you device may not be able to manage it at the background possibly. And what the fuck is wrong with you folks to make you come up with these ridiculous asinine ideas that Jagex would like to punish people and prevent people from afking? Where do I find this option on Android? Every time I switch apps for over half a moment, I get logged out.

Yeah mate this has pushed me insane and ruined my appetite. However, as the others have said and from what I have researched this is an iPhone restriction not a Jagex restriction. I downloaded the old school app and it's the exact same. Therefore it seems the app is disabled on iOS from the. If Jagex can't get around this issue I have an app for performing farm conducts and cheap RuneScape Mobile gold not much else sadly. Normally you have the placing refresh on desktop. It should be toggled on but ensure your telephone is not in batterysave-mode! I havent completely tested myself in this beta earlier I got admissions but I nogiced an increase. It could depend which program you use when you place rs. Employing whatsapp appears like it made me lobby quicker than using discord.